Each patient fills in a statement and general medical history before the treatment. The doctor carries out consultation with the patient in his office, on the basis of which an appropriate treatment is chosen and the patient is provided with all necessary information.

The entire process of diagnosis is performed prior to the treatment, a panoramic radiograph is a standard as well. The 3D CBCT scan is taken if required by the situation.

A patient who comes for the treatment registers at the desk where personnel shows him direction and informs the doctor about arrival of the patient. The doctor takes the patient to a dental office where the treatment is performed. Once the treatment is completed, the patient is transported to the recovery room (if anaesthetized) where he is recovering.

Each patient’s case is a bit different – conservative treatment or root canal therapy is different than implant-prosthetic treatment. More details can be provided after a thorough examination.


Medical Clinic Podhale is a specialist private clinic that provides comprehensive medical care in the field of widely understood dentistry. We offer comprehensive medical care ensured by the excellent team of medical specialists with a second-degree of specialization and PhD title having extensive experience as well as qualified auxiliary medical personnel and modern diagnostic equipment.

Patient care procedures include the latest developments of modern medicine.
Dentist’s office is fitted out with the most modern equipment, X-Ray laboratory and CT scan.

  • Team of experts from various fields of medicine
  • Specialised treatments at a world-class level
  • Dentist, cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments in one place
  • Perfectly equipped clinic
  • Comprehensive organization of stay in Poland
  • Organization of bachelorette parties
  • Transport from the airport to hotels and our Centre
  • Discounts in hotels and tourist attractions
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