Additional attractions

During the stay in Poland you can also take advantage of the pleasant relaxation area. Please find below some proposal which you can adapt to meet your own expectations.
Please enter in the form how do you want to diversify your free time so that we can send you a comprehensive offer of individual attractions and book the most convenient date.

“Gorący Potok” Thermal Baths

goracy_potok (1)

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Cruises on Czorsztyn Lake

rejs_statkiem (1)

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Rope Park


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“Szaflary” Thermal Baths


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Tandem Parachute Jump

skok_spadochronem (1)

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Guided Mountain Trip

Guided Mountain Trip (1)

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The Dunajec River Gorge Rafting

splyw_dunajcem (5)

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Wind Tunnel

Tunel Aerodynamiczny 0

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Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride (1)

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