Consulting rooms & Equipment

„HEKA DENTAL” unit is a pattern in terms of ergonomics and comfort of the patient, which during dental procedures in a lying position may feel relaxed.


CT VaTech allows you to take 3D CBCT images in sizes up to 120 x 80 mm, which allow diagnosis of teeth, jaw bones and sinuses. Orthopantomogram pictures performed before treatment allow for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.


DIGORA Soredex camera is used to deepen the X-ray diagnostics, in case of the need to obtain an accurate picture with the smallest dose of radiation also necessary during root canal treatment and its control.


The highest level of Endodontics is possible thanks to the combination of micromotor Endomat NSK, apex VDW Raypex 6, Zeiss surgical microscope and of nickel – titanium Pro Taper of Swiss company „Maillefer”. This instrumentation provides predictable results and tooth longevity after root canal treatment.


BEGO Implant System is a proven set of tools and implants that allows the execution procedure in any case, whatever the conditions, begining with the lack of a single tooth to a complete lack of teeth.


KAVO HEAL-O-ZONE allows for caries treatment in a non-invasive way, reducing the amount of bacteria loss of 99.9% that often helps to avoid root canal treatment.


Patients may also undergo the treatment under general anesthesia, which is popular thanks to anesthesia Penlon Prima SP machine, which can shorten the duration of treatment.