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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are safe, clinically proven and aesthetic alternative to the traditional methods of reconstruction of tooth loss (crowns, bridges, dentures). A prosthetic reconstruction on embedded implant looks like a natural tooth and the patient feels no difference, ensuring a high level of comfort, security and self-confidence exceeding the traditional treatment methods. For over twenty years, implants manufactured by Zimmer Dental company fully meet the expectations of patients requiring reconstruction of missing teeth and improve their quality of life.

How do implants work?
A dental implant takes the form of a titanium “screw” located in the bone in the place of the missing tooth roots. Once the osseointegration period is finished (surrounding bone tissue is integrated with the implant) a new tooth is connected to the implant. Reconstruction carried out using this method looks and works exactly like a natural tooth.

Natural and aesthetic method to improve quality of life
Dental implants will improve your appearance and enhance self-confidence. They look and are perceived like natural teeth, enabling you to speak clearly and eat again your favourite food. Implants provide a sense of security.
By using Zimmer Dental implants your doctor can offer the most advanced implant and prosthetic solutions currently available on the market. Ask your doctor for an opinion to find out if implants are the right treatment for you.


What does implantation procedure look like?
Implant treatment process consists of several stages with an average duration between 4 – 9 months. Standard process includes:

  • Pre-treatment consultation. The doctor decides whether to apply implant treatment based on a thorough analysis of your dental and medical history. Surgical and prosthetic consultations are held before the treatment.
  • Implant application. Implant application procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, and in some cases under general anaesthesia. Over the next few months the implant fuses with the bone, creating an integral whole. The doctor can immediately prepare a temporary tooth on the applied implant.
  • Prosthetic reconstruction. Reconstruction phase begins with fastening the transfer to the implant and taking the impression. This procedure is completely painless. Gypsum model of the dental arch on which the final reconstruction is formed is cast in the prosthetic laboratory.
  • Post-treatment hygiene. Your doctor will instruct you how to properly care for the new teeth on implants. A proper systematic hygiene of implants and their control ensure that the new teeth will look and work perfectly for many years to come.

More information:

Implantation procedure consists in placing one or more dental implants in the patient’s bone and implementing crowns, bridges or removable dentures based on these implants.

After qualifying for the treatment and its planning, the patient is being prepared (anaesthesia, disinfection of the operating room).

Depending on the complexity, the procedure itself lasts between 30 minutes (a simple case and single implant) up to 3 hours (plural implantation, procedures associated). Implantation procedures are sometimes accompanied by more advanced procedures that are intended to enable implantation in difficult conditions (augmentation, cleft bone or maxillary sinus lifting). The only difference for the patient is prolongation of the procedure. During the surgical procedures the patient is blindfolded and in full supine position to ensure comfort and stress-free procedure. If there are signals concerning pain impressions during the procedure under local anaesthesia the more anaesthetic agent is applied.

The procedure under general anaesthesia which requires adequate preparation is possible at the request of the patient (anaesthetic consultation, being on an empty stomach).

Five people take care of the patient during the procedure under general anaesthesia (operator, anaesthesiologist, dental assistant, anaesthetic nurse and scrub nurse). We provide comfortable conditions for recovering after the procedure in recovery rooms in our clinic.

After the procedure, the patient is given post-treatment recommendations and a prescription for all necessary medications. Post-treatment swelling or pain may appear in the place of the procedure which is alleviated by painkillers. The entire process may be carried out over 2 days.

After 3-4 months after the implantation, the patient must reveal implants and apply healing screws. After another week impressions are taken and after next two weeks from revealing the prosthetic work is finished.

Zimmer Dental offers several types of implants which help to solve every implantation case. If you lost one tooth and have removable partial denture or crown based on an adjacent tooth the crown on the implant can be a better alternative. A single tooth reconstruction looks like a natural tooth and the patient feels no difference. Only you and your doctor will know about it.

Teeth on implants are definitely a better solution

  • They look and function like natural teeth and the patient feels no difference
  • They do not expose adjacent healthy teeth to damage as it is in the case of the traditional preparation of bridges
  • They prevent the atrophy of bone tissue and gum line recession
  • Oral hygiene remains the same as in the case of natural teeth
  • They restore the ability of better chewing when compared to removable dentures
  • They restore smile and self-confidence

Traditional treatment methods

  • Crown based on adjacent teeth.
    This method involves grinding two adjacent healthy teeth on which the bridge with a single tooth absence is based.
  • Removable partial denture.
    This solution may lead to further bone atrophy and tooth loss.

 Implant treatment method

Crown on the implant
An applied implant with prosthetic reconstruction perfectly imitates lost natural tooth. Surrounding bone as well soft tissue are preserved.

With the loss of several teeth the bridge based on implants can be used as the implant treatment method. In contrast to conventional bridges or removable partial dentures which may lose stability causing irritation, the bridge based on implants is always securely fixed and does not have negative impact on adjacent healthy teeth. It is a very comfortable solution, while teeth look like natural ones and make no difference to the patient.

Experience new comfort and stability with new teeth on implants

  • Teeth embedded on the bridge look and work like natural ones
  • The bridge does not require support by adjacent teeth
  • The bridge is connected to implants in a safe and secure manner preventing the atrophy of bone tissue and gum line recession
  • They restore the ability of better chewing when compared to removable dentures
  • They eliminate recurrent irritation around teeth under development
  • New teeth improve the appearance and restore self-esteem

Traditional treatment method

Removable partial denture
The application of removable partial denture may lead to further bone atrophy and tooth loss.

Implant treatment method

Bridge based on implants
The reconstruction on implants ensure natural-looking teeth as well as surrounding bone and soft tissues are preserved.

If you have a completely toothless mandible or maxillae and currently use a traditional denture its replacement with a complete denture based on implants will be an appropriate and reliable solution. In contrast to the traditional dentures which can be ill-suited causing gum irritation and pain – a solution with the bridge on implants virtually eliminates movements of the denture and associated discomfort. You will be able to talk, eat your favourite food and laugh without discomfort caused by lack of teeth.

Experience new comfort with having new teeth on implants

  • Implants prevent the atrophy of bones, facial structure is preserved
  • They enhance comfort and self-confidence
  • Crowns on implants restore the ability of strong biting
  • They eliminate the need to glue the denture
  • They improve the appearance
  • They restore self-confidence. Eating and speaking becomes much more easier.

Traditional denture

Completely removable denture.
No stabilizing fixing

Reconstruction on implants

Denture based on implants, removable.
It provides a stable connection with the possibility of easy removal.
Denture based on implants, fixed.
Denture permanently fixed on implants provides a stable dentition.

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